About Us

About Us

Founded in A.D. 1992, Sakura Industry Company Limited started its business as a manufacturer & supplier of towels and garment accessories such as embroidery floss, tinsel thread and other kinds of threads.

Later on, the Company expanded its business by having additional product lines such as bedding sets to supply bed sheets, blankets, duvets, pillows including mattress protectors.

With the accumulated experience of more than 20 years, it enables the Company to be one of a few factories that have full range capacity, exhaustive knowledge of textile business, high standard machines and skilled labor.     The Company always pays a meticulous attention to detail at every process of production from yarn twisting, weaving, bleaching or dyeing, duvet or pillow production to the sewing stage to ensure that our products are of high quality at reasonable prices and come in many great varieties to suit customers’ needs as much as possible.


Brand’s Story

In A.D. 2017, the Company planned to expand distribution channels including online channels to directly approach prospective customers and end users for the sales of products under the “Jviva” brand.

Being aware of the benefits of a quality sleep that helps enhance the quality of life, the Company would like to deliver the happiness of good rest to every customer through our products under the “Jviva” brand.  The Company is committed to manufacturing quality products that suit customers’ needs as much as possible under the concept quoted “To live and fill with joy for quality life and better tomorrow” unquoted.

The Company focuses on the following qualities:

  • Value (quality products)
  • Impression (customers’ impression of our brand)
  • Variety (a wide variety of products)
  • Affordability (reasonable prices)

The Company’s staple products under the “Jviva” brand include bedding sets and towels, available in both standard and customized sizes for use in hotels, resorts, spas and hospitals as well as for ordering as gift sets or souvenir items.